BIOL312 @UNBC - Molecular Cell Physiology

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Telomeres: Is acne the secret to your skin’s longevity?

Lillian Cardoza

2+1=1. The Ethical Quandary of Three Parent Babies

Franciska Hamari

The Eelusive Genetic Secrets of the Pipefish

Orsi Hamari

Gene Editing: The Next Big Thing for Conservation

Ashley Sarazin

Who will stand the test of time? A look into the possible demise of the Y chromosome

Katelynn Rozmarniewich

A Gift From Your Mom & A Gift From Your Dad: Maternal & Paternal Organelle Inheritance

Brianna Van den Adel

Keeping in Time: new advancements on the molecular basis that relates circadian rhythm to alternative splicing

Sam Smith

Putting your Sisters in Handcuffs

Kate Hamilton

Poison Pea

Perry Bining

I Will NOT Be Your Father: The Future of Male Birth Control

Parleen Pandher

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